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Manager's Message

Vision and mission of the school- speaks the Manager
Hazaribagh catholic diocese, a registered society, Under Society Registration Act, started the Loyola English Medium school at Gomia with a mission to impart quality education to the young generation especially belonging to the lower income strata of the society. The Late chairman of the society Most Rev. Bishop Emeritus Charles Soreng S.J was a visionary and had a great desire to develop the backward areas of Gomia. He was convinced that only through integrated education development can take place in a society. In order to fulfill his dream the school was started in 2009. The motto of the school is Love, Service and Merit. The school gives a special stress on inculcating humanitarian values like love, fraternity, patriotism, kindness, compassion and maintains a high academic standard in learning and teaching. School also provides ample chances to students to imbibe love for ecology, s piritual values, competency, cleanliness, hygiene, sportsmanship, knowledge and respect for elders. The school has got sufficient infrastructure and resources cum a devoted team of staff to materialize the motto of the school.
Each child is like a flourishing sapling requires care and nourishment to blossom. It is our constant endeavour to provide ample intellectual stimulations to ignite young minds to think critically and help them to flower into responsible citizens, aware of tomorrows challenges and opportunities. In order to attain this objective a family atmosphere is maintained in the school where each child feels important. cared and are accompanied by a team of loving, caring and supporting staff in bringing out the potentialities and capabilities of the students. The school takes keen interest to form the students into true citizens of our county having a great social responsibility. upholding our constitution and the great ideals of our nation builders.

Fr. Cyriac Joseph